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Colonel William Ludlow was a main character and protagonist in Legends of the Fall. The patriarch of the Ludlow family and formerly a decorated and veteran cavalry officer in the United States Army, he was of British background and born in Cornwall, England. Ludlow's bonding with the Native Americans, especially with his Cree friend One Stab, and his subsequent retirement following his disgust at the US government's constant betrayal and massacres of the natives, Ludlow moved with his family, One Stab, Roscoe Decker and his family to a remote part in Helena, Montana, seeking peace and isolation. His wife Isabel does not like their new home and leaves them, leaving Colonel with the difficult task of taking care of their three sons Alfred, Tristan and Samuel. The three would grow and build a strong brotherly bond, which is threatened to be destroyed with the arrival of the potential newest member of the Ludlow family, Susannah Fincannon.


Early life[]